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So yesterday, after code camp was done and buried on Saturday, we (D'Arcy and Boy #1 and myself) got up early and headed downtown to the Metrodome to catch the Eagles and Vikings game.
I'd never been to a real Pro game (of any sport) although I'd certainly seen plenty of ECHL (hockey) back in Charleston. The excitement level was pretty high and there were lots of folks in jerseys and body paint.

D'Arcy was even sporting an Eagles jersey. We got there a little early and walked around watching all the people before finally grabbing our seats. Naturally we were sitting in the middle of a bunch of Vikings fans.  As people started coming in and sitting down, I was amazed at how packed it was. There were over 60,000 people there. (For those of you keeping track, that's roughly 30 TIMES as many folks as the town I grew up in.)

I've got to confess, I have never really followed football at all. I was a Steelers fan as a child, because that's what I got for Christmas one year (a Steelers jersey)  and I've always thought the best part of the Superbowl was the commercials. So I was a little concerned about what the next 4 hours would bring.

I shouldn't have worried.  Once the team started running out on the field, and the stadium was blaring Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", the crowd went INSANE!! It's pretty easy to get swept up into that sort of mania. Before long we were yelling and cheering and applauding with everyone else.

Ok, well everyone else but D'Arcy and the few hundred Eagles fans scattered throughout the dome.  It was kinda funny to see D'Arcy stand up and clap (alone) in his green and white jersey amidst a sea of purple and gold.  It didn't happen often though.  Generally both sides did well and it was an interesting game (I had to ask D'Arcy A LOT of questions though... which he graciously answered.)

Sadly, my new favorite team didn't fare so well in the end. The Eagles won the day after a disappointing 4th quarter on our part. That's ok though. It was still a lot of fun.

So... thanks D'Arcy for introducing me to football. Now I have something to watch besides commercials when the super bowl is on.

Oh yeah, one last thing, can somebody please explain to me why you can't just throw the ball to anyone on your team?
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2007 9:15 AM General Interest | Back to top

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