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September 2007 Entries

I spent the last few days watching a few arcade auctions. Seems like Minneapolis is pretty saturated with them. I (reluctantly) passed on a Darkstalkers, a Pole Position and a Neo Geo 1 slot machine, all of which were at or under $150 ea. I'm kind of bummed about the Darkstalkers for two reasons, because I liked the game and the theme, and because it was a CPS2 setup, which means kinda like the NeoGeo I could drop other games in fairly inexpensively and quickly without any rewiring. I did manage ......

I met the guys behind Simian Escape tonight. Sorta. I'm not sure I actually met them, since the guy I "attempted" to speak to was dismissive and rude, but hey whatever... I don't get mad, I just use my google juice. :) So here's how it went... (If you don't know who these guys are, there's an article here: I was at the Halo Pre-Launch Party at Microsoft. Had a great time, lots of cool people, etc. In the middle of it all, are these two guys ......

I'll be here: Discover Halo 3 first-hand. We will have several Xboxes setup with Halo 3 for multiplayer play, including the opportunity to play the Halo 3 campaign for the first time. We’ll also have other Xbox 360 games to enjoy, as well as food, drinks, and prizes to give away, including some exclusive Halo 3 branded items. And for those up to the challenge, we will be hosting a tournament pitting the top teams from cities across the US against each other. This is a one-time only event… don’t miss ......

I spent a good chunk of the evening unpacking the game room. As it turns out, the D&D Tower of Doom arcade game was an easy fix. Just a couple of loose connections reseated and it was back up and running, good as new.

The game room finally looks like a game room again, and not just auxiliary storage.

It's been a good day, and I'm happy. This place is really starting to feel like home.

As the title suggests, there are people who have no business being on these so-called social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook. This isn't necessarily because they are ugly (some are) or uninteresting (many are) or socially objectionable (again, some) or because the sites rapidly devolve into little more than predatory playgrounds for horny teens and pedophiles. No, this is because some people can't seem to stop fidgeting, twiddling, tweaking and checking their MySpace or FaceBook page. ......

See you in October! I'll be at the Heartland Developers Conference in Omaha, NE on 10/18/07 and 10/19/07. Be sure to look for the Magenic table ......

I've got two Code Camp presentations coming up next month, so I've been spending some spare cycles playing with XNA and TorqueX, working through tutorials and fiddling with my slide decks. The XNA deck is VERY intro and has been pretty much writing itself. I'm not diving very deep on that one. The TorqueX session is a bit more advanced, and shows how to knock out a quick game using XNA Game Studio Express (GSE) and TorqueX Builder (TXB). One of my biggest hurdles so far is coming up with decent looking ......

Go go go Astro Boy:

got a new outward facing title at Magenic today:

Technology Evangelist

pretty excited about it...  woot!

Dear Mr. Zombie, I recently had the opportunity to see your new Halloween movie. I would like to congratulate you on creating what might be the single most disturbing film I have ever witnessed. This is saying a lot, considering Pink Flamingos previously held that distinction. This is not to say it was a bad movie. Not at all, in fact, since I assume that "disturbing" was exactly what you aimed for. It was actually a pretty good movie. It lost a little steam near the end, but that's neither here ......

I saw the new Halloween movie (Rob Zombie version) this weekend. More on that in a future post. One thing that was mentioned in passing was "electroshock therapy." Now I've never had that, but I can imagine it sucks pretty awful. Especially if it's anything like a Nerve Conduction Study, which I HAVE had the pleasure of experiencing. I can only assume it's worse. The wikipedia defines a Nerve Conduction Study as "a test commonly used to evaluate the function, especially the ability of electrical ......

The marketing group behind the National Games Week is now defunct and Games Quarterly Magazine was sold. This has left the National Games Week in limbo. The web site is now down (relatively) but there is a MySpace page founded by a group of fans that want to keep it going... If you've ever participated in the NGW events, you know how fun they are. Please help keep National Games Week alive ......

So, I went to the Mall of America a couple days ago and they have a huge LEGO store (I think it's called an Imagination Center or something) and was looking at the LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits. I've played with the VEX kits before, but they don't have any official support with the Microsoft Robotics Studio, although this guy is doing some interesting stuff. Anyway, so I was looking at the NXT stuff, and I noticed there were a number of accessories available (although apparently they only stocked the ......

So far, pretty much everything survived the big move intact. ARCADES: Donkey Kong 3 & Championship Shootout made it ok. I have powered up the MAME cabinet yet, but my D&D Tower of Doom cabinet didn't survive. Initial attempts to turn it on have resulted in gibberish on the screen. I haven't had time to really play with it much, but I'm not optimistic. RPG: My D&D collection made it ok. A few crushed boxes here and there had me worried, but the contents all look ok... so that's a relief. ......