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July 2007 Entries

Ok, I got tagged by my buddy Bill. So here are some things I'd hate to do without in life: 1. My laptop. It's a Gateway Tablet, with 2gig of RAM, heavy as hell and it runs hot enough to fry an egg (until I got my laptop cooler, ahhh sweet relief!) It's also got my entire life on it. Oh sure, I still have my ginormous tower in my office, with my 26" flat panel and I just never use it. Everything I do is on my laptop and it goes everywhere with me. 2. DirecTiVO. I would be so completely screwed without ......

Here's the bus:

Here's the Spoilers:

Here's proof the actually came inside:

As part of my quest to become a better developer, I've been reading more tech books (ok I'm trying to finish ONE tech book without lapsing into a coma, but I digress.) The thing is, it's a Java book. Technically it's a design patterns book, but all the code is in Java, so call it what you want... Anyway, in my polylingual travels, I've been converting all the code in the book to for fun and to make sure I actually get what I'm doing. So today I stumbled across the Java keyword Volatile. I ......

George recently threw down the gauntlet to me and Jason and a few other folks, to challenge ourselves and stretch beyond our comfort zone to become better developers. So if I properly understand this latest blog frenzy, I'm supposed to pick four things that I'm going to do in order to become a better developer. I'm supposed to publish those four things in my blog, so that I'll be accountable for them. (ok seriously, if I lived up to even HALF the crap I've promised in this blog over the years... ......

As part of the extended Williams family vacation, I took 8 people (including myself) to Carowinds (a theme park owned by Paramount, I believe.) on Monday. If you know me, you probably also know I wouldn't be writing about it unless something went wrong. The weather cooperated nicely. It had rained all morning and stopped right around the time we got there. As a result, it was fairly cool (high 70s) and breezy. No complaints there. So we get to the entrance gate, coupons in hand, and pay everyone's ......