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This wraps up day two in Seattle for the MVP Summit. I got in Sunday afternoon, and went to the Party With Palermo (which was great... thanks Jeff!) There were a ton of people there, and I picked up some cool swag. Jason and George and I hung out with Rory for a bit as well as seeing some other familiar faces. Eventually we went to our respective hotels and I called it a night after drinking an entire pot of hot chocolate and surfing the web for a bit.

After sleeping in a little (for the first time in months) I walked around downtown Seattle, saw a few familiar faces, and hit the Pike Street Market, followed by Gameworks and eventually registration. After digging through the goodie bags, we (George and I) went to the expo and saw a lot of folks we knew online but hadnt met in person (along with seeing a bunch more people that we did actually know.) Naturally, at the expo we picked up even more swag.

Eventually, we walked back to our hotels. I took a break to check some email and do a little work and then hoofed it back outside to catch the shuttle to the Regional Dinner at the Westin Hotel. Talk about packed... ran into some great folks I knew from here and there, and met some more new ones. The dinner was good, though the "entertainment" was somewhat awful. Had a lot more fun just mingling and talking. After dinner and drinks eventually wore out, a bunch of us (about 30) went to see "300" at the local theatre, courtesy of Jim Duffy and Rod Paddock. (It was my second time, and well worth seeing again.) Terrific movie.

After a lonnnng uphill walk back to my hotel, I'm blogging, checking my forums, my email, and getting ready to crash. Tomorrow the summit begins for real, and I'll be spending the next couple days with the product team. I can't wait. Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 3:25 AM General Interest | Back to top

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