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February 2007 Entries

To all my friends still in New Orleans... I miss ya.

Alex, Jenny, Rory, Kathleen, Mr & Mrs Diamond Bill, {Troy, Heather, Meredith, Adaline and Tate}, Jeff, Elizabeth and everyone else... Happy Mardi Gras.

and to all the military folks I knew at the time, none of whom are still there, I hope you're doing well too.

I just had a little bit of king cake in your honor.

We deal with a lot of shipping, outbound and incoming (mostly incoming.) Between UPS, DHL and FedEx, we've had our share of issues. Generally UPS is the easiest to deal with and has the friendliest drivers. It doesn't hurt that we give him free beverages whenever he delivers. (As a result, we have his personal cell phone so if we ever miss a delivery, we can call him up and meet him.) DHL isn't bad either, and doesn't make you jump through a lot of hoops to schedule a pickup. We don't get a lot from ......

any recommendations?

There are some videos I downloaded from Microsoft (in WMV format), and I'd like to play them on my Zune, but the Zune Software says it can't convert them to put on the Zune. (Oh the irony...)

So I did some searching, but didnt find anything I felt comfortable putting on my new laptop, so... I'm asking you.

Do YOU have a program you can recommend to convert the videos, pre-Zune, to a format Zune can use?

I've been sick, and still am (a little.) I dunno if it's the flu or what, but it sucks.

Back in TX this week, where it's a balmy 56 degrees and rainy. We're expecting more rain, coldness and (oh joy!) snow over the next couple days.

Me and my sore throat will be back later.

I got through Groundhog Day without a bunch of repeats. As it turns out... that wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Yesterday was FANTASTIC!! After I finally got back to Greenville, I caught a quick powernap, a much needed shower and I was off to Reality Check. The weather wasn't enough to hinder the day's activities and we had a steady stream of people coming in. It was also release day for Planar Chaos, the latest set from Magic the Gathering. Our UPS guy showed up around lunch time with 7 large ......

This year's groundhog day got off to a fine start. Last night around 11PM, after postponing my flight 5 TIMES (from 7:30PM eventually to Midnight) American Airlines decided to cancel it due to "weather." *weather is a nice little escape clause that absolves the airline of any responsibility other than getting you a later flight. It's their way of showing you exactly how little they care. Had they oversold the flight (which they had) or had it been over the allowable weight (which, looking around, ......

Wouldn't it be great if Microsoft made a "magic 8-ball" giveaway where the answer was always .NET?  I'd love one of those.

How about a *small* USB powered device that generates heat waves and then projects an image of your choosing onto that "surface"? I think that would be cool.

If you could dream up any geeky toy, what would it be? (Sorry... the USB powered missile launcher already exists.)