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If you're in or near Atlanta, or don't mind travelling, and you're looking for CSLA Training:

CSLA .NET Framework 2.0 Training
2/26/07 - 2/28/07

bullet Application Architecture
bullet Importance of proper architecture
bullet Advantages of a good architecture
bullet Architecture Layering
bullet 3-Tier Architectures
bullet N-Tier Architectures
bullet Fundamentals
bullet Encapsulation
bullet Communication between layers
bullet Abstraction
bullet Tiers vs. Layers
bullet Local vs. Distributed
bullet Determining layer location
bullet Distributed Architecture
bullet 5-Layer architecture
bullet Remote communications
bullet Remoting
bullet Web Services
bullet WCF
bullet Object-Oriented Design
bullet Fundamentals
bullet Different objects, different roles
bullet DAL objects
bullet Data-transfer objects
bullet Business Objects
bullet UI Helper objects
bullet Data-Centric object design vs Domain Specific
bullet Combination of both
bullet Database Design
bullet Fundamentals
bullet Setting up standards and conventions
bullet Best Practices
bullet Application Frameworks
bullet Why use them
bullet Identifying code commonalities
bullet Providing abstractions
bullet Providing implementations
bullet Examples in the .NET Framework
bullet The Component Scalable Logical Architecture Framework
bullet Framework Goals and Design
bullet Framework Organization
bullet Features
bullet Business object base classes
bullet N-Level undo
bullet Data Binding
bullet Data Portal
bullet Authentication
bullet Authorization
bullet Helper types
bullet Other
bullet Framework Abstractions
bullet Base Classes
bullet Interfaces
bullet Creating a project using CSLA
bullet Folder structure
bullet Referencing CSLA
bullet Implementing CSLA functionality
bullet Creating Business objects
bullet Life cycle
bullet Class structure
bullet Business object lists
bullet Accessing data (the CSLA way)
bullet Validation
bullet Security
bullet Distributing objects
bullet Client Interfaces
bullet Windows Forms
bullet Accessing Business Objects
bullet Data Binding
bullet User Controls
bullet Extender Controls
bullet Using N-Level Undo
bullet ASP.NET
bullet Accessing Business Objects
bullet State Management
bullet Declarative Data Sources
bullet Limitations (in comparisons to Windows Forms)
bullet Interface Design
bullet Security
bullet Web Services
bullet Fundamentals
bullet Services vs. Components
bullet Authentication
bullet Web Methods
bullet Component-based
bullet Service-oriented
bullet A Consumer Client
bullet Remote Data Portals
bullet Remoting
bullet Web Services
bullet Enterprise Services
bullet Windows Communication Foundation (what’s next)
bullet Code Generation
bullet Advantages of code-generation
bullet A base/derived or partial class layer approach
bullet Code Generation and CSLA
bullet Implementing code-generation with CodeBreeze using the CSLA templates
bullet Database changes and re-generation
bullet Conclusion and review
bullet Summarization of good architecture principles
bullet Advantages of using a framework (CSLA)
bullet Advantages of code-generation


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Comments on this post: CSLA Training Available

# re: CSLA Training Available
Requesting Gravatar...
Who's hosting the training? Is it Dunn Training and Miguel? Heck, I wouldn't mind attending this - is it a company thing?
Left by Bill on Feb 04, 2007 4:16 PM

# re: CSLA Training Available
Requesting Gravatar...
Hey guys,

I'm holding two seats in this class for Magenic employees. Please let me know which two can attend?

There may be some more seats open the week before we run the class.


Left by Mark on Feb 10, 2007 12:38 AM

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