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December 2006 Entries

The Esoterrorists Sometimes our distributor lists stuff in the preorder sheet with no picture and very little in the way of a description. Sometimes I pass on that stuff, but this one had an interesting name, so I snagged a single copy. It came in a couple days ago, and it looks kinda interesting. Those of you who like Robin Laws (old school) might like it even more, since he wrote it. Whether you are (or aren't) familiar with him, you can always check out his blog. So, back to the game. Basically... ......

New HA! prerelease build. This one includes the updated character generation UI.

Get it here

Yes, it's another HA! update. I spent about 5 hours late Christmas night (midnight - 5:00am) rewriting the character generation UI.*

It's not quite where I want it to be yet, though it DOES work. I plan on finishing it by tonight.

*This should also fix one the bugs in the former UI, which is a nice bonus. Hopefully it won't introduce more.

For those of you who don't like to read announcements: A few months ago, 3 of us got together and decided to form a team of game developers. Each of us bringing our own specific talents to create something greater than the sum of its parts. We're like a superteam of game developer friends... the superfriends of XNA, if you will. The really great part is that we've been working on some truly amazing stuff. One of those amazing things is Paradox. Paradox (par·a·dox) -noun: 1. an apparently ......

My hosting provider offers Cube Cart and Zen Cart. I've never used either.

What do you use?

...and if you've used Cube or Zen, what were your experiences?

I spent some time (admittedly, not much) last night looking at the HA! code. Starting to feel that itch again. It's been neglected too long. Reviewed and responded to some of the comments I received at CodePlex (most were helpful, others were "misguided" and needed some explaining on my part.) Took a look at the Dungeon Generation code yet again. Man I hate how kludgy that stuff is. I just don't have the time or motivation (mostly the time) to rewrite something that works well 95% of the time. As ......

I just did a technical phone interview for a potential new hire (Consultant) whose focus has been web development. I like to start off with the easy questions... "I don't see any consulting on your resume. Have you ever done any? Perhaps on the side?" He ponders this for a moment... and finally says "not that I can recall." Ok, I ask about travel... "How do you feel about travel?" His response: "I dunno, I never have traveled. Sounds like fun." Ook... we have a live one. I ask a few basics, like ......

Somewhere around day 3-4 of using phpBB I noticed a peculiar behavior where whenever I tried to access the Admin Panel, I was unable to do so. I was continually getting prompted to log back in, and never reaching the Admin Panel. This also began to affect my general use of the board. For whatever reason, I was unable to stay logged in. So I hit the phpBB support boards and it they recommended DLing a special script to run (once) on my site and delete. This was sure to cure all my problems. I'm sure ......

Most (99%) of my techy blog entries are Microsoft related. Some people say this makes me a Microsoft whore. I never bother arguing the point, because, well... they're right. I am. When XNA was first announced, I was giddy like a school girl. When the first Beta of XNA GSE was released, I jumped right in and started playing. (Didn't get nearly as far as some of my peers, mind you, but I still loved it.) When Beta two was released, I had a HUGE advantage over George and Jason because unlike them, I ......

Thank you to everyone that responded to my earlier post. I downloaded phpBB and set that up. I'm really happy with it. As an aside, I have to say it was (by far) the easiest installation I've performed in a very long time. No snags and it works great. Turns out my hosting plan includes not only Windows Hosting with all the .net stuff, but it also comes with a free linux account that has php and mySQL 5.x so I was able to just drop it right in and go. Awesome. Thanks again ......

12 days to Christmas Eve
13 days to Christmas
19 days to New Years Eve
20 days to New Years Day
23 days until JO and GW arrive in Greenville
25 days to My Birthday

This year is going to be so much better... (and I've started losing weight again.)

Can anyone make some decent recommendations for a free or cheap messageboard product/service. The Reality Check website needs a discussion board, preferably with some login & security built in. I could write one, but I really don't have the time or energy. I don't want any "groups" like Yahoo or MSN. I damn sure do NOT want MySpace. I already have a website. I'm not using DNN, so no DNN modules please. I want a nice simple message board that people can read and post to (if they sign in) without having ......

This weekend was not so good. While I was away (Minnesota) I started getting reports that one of my Reality Check customers (a regular and a friend) was acting strange. Ok, more like stranger than usual. He's always been a little odd. But now he was agitated, rambling and saying some pretty bizarre stuff. He says I saved his life last weekend (12/3). He also says I showed him what was wrong in his life and provided him the means to fix it. For the record, I never did either of those things. I did, ......

I just got home from Minnesota. If you're just tuning in, go here first. First off, I'm pretty sure I got ripped off Sunday night because the cab fare TO the airport FROM the office was nearly $10 cheaper than the cab fare FROM the airport TO the office. Bastards. Teaching went well. Very well, in fact. Although... the *best* part of my week was seeing a couple of my students get stupid drunk and make complete asses of themselves in front of the company founders. Makes it so much easier to know which ......

Shortly after my last post, the plane arrived. We boarded. We sat. The plane pulled away from the gate. We sat some more. I fell asleep. We sat some more. The captain made an announcement about the nose of the plane, and something falling off. We pulled back to the gate. We de-planed (is that REALLY a word??) and returned to the terminal. We sat. They looked at the plane. We stared at them looking at the plane. We made snarky comments to each other about American Airlines. They said they couldn't ......

We had a pretty good weekend at the shop. I pulled a 42 hour no-sleepathon that started at 5:30am Friday morning in Alabama and ended last night (this morning?) at about 12:30 am. All things considered I feel a lot better than I probably should. I'm at the airport now, on my way to Minnesota. I did the usual self-checkin at the airport, checking 1 bag, carrying on the laptop. As I'm standing there waiting for the lady to take and tag my bag, I'm hoping that this plane will be a little bigger than ......