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August 2006 Entries

There's a coffee shop I like to visit when I'm in town. On alternating Thursday nights they are typically slam packed with people coming from all over to hangout and play boardgames. It's usually a lot of fun. There's this guy, a regular, whom we'll call Scooter (because, well... that's his name.) This guy is always ready for game night and consistently shows up with a suitcase (literally) overflowing with boardgames, card games, etc... He's mildly annoying because he can be kinda arrogant at times ......

Since adding HA! to CodePlex, I have been averaging roughly 1000 hits and 20 downloads per week. That might not sound high to most of you, but for HA! it's a big leap. The original site probably averaged about 1/20th of that with the occasional bump now and then. Currently I've got one other guy on the team and 1 contributor that will most likely end up on the team fairly soon ......

This morning I received 4 phone calls (all within 10 minutes) from 4 different local car dealerships. All of them asked for me by name and all of them claimed that I had sent them an email requesting information about some car I had never heard of. I politely (no, really, I did) informed them that I was not interested in the vehicle they mention and that I never sent them an email. Sadly, there are few things in this world more persistent and annoying than a car salesman. (Oh the stories I could ......

Engadget has another news piece about the upcoming Zune. Feel free to read it here, but the cool part is below: you'll be allowed to "loan" songs to other users for a day, which they can proceed to buy from the Zune music store, and you'll also be able to stream music to a WiFi-enabled Xbox 360, but we're not sure if a hard drive will be required to pull it off. Say what you like about DRM, the thought of being able to loan someone a song for a single day (thus encouraging them to purchase it if ......

The HA! code is uploaded and the CodePlex project has started. Feel free to visit the project at CodePlex. Just to clarify, you don't have to be "on the team" to download the source. Anyone can do that. I've already had a few people ask to be put on the team right off the bat, and I want to talk about that for a moment. Being "on the team" actually confers a lot more rights than I am willing to give a complete stranger. Please feel free to download the code, check it out and make suggestions or even ......

If someone handed you $10,000, on the condition that you had 1 day to spend it and 1 store to spend it in, where would you go?

The Noble Eightfold Path (also known as the Middle Way) is, in the Buddhist tradition, considered to be the way that leads to the end of suffering and is essentially a practical guide of mental rehabilitation and mind deconditioning. The eight elements of this path are divided into three basic categories: Wisdom, Ethical Conduct & Mental Discipline. Wisdom contains two elements: 1. Right Understanding (or Right View), which is an understanding of the 4 Noble Truths (knowledge of suffering, knowledge ......

New release (0.1.6d) of HA! available here: Also, as you may have noticed above, my CodePlex project has finally been created. You can visit (and join?) that here: I haven't updated the wiki yet, but I will. So what does all of this mean? Basically, as I stated before, I'm taking HA! the shared source route. The source isn't up there yet because I'm still downloading the huge ......

I didn't even realize it had been a week since I posted here. I've been absurdly busy and then my world exploded this past weekend. So... what happened? Well... this goddamn fucking 36 year old shitbag decided to try helping himself to my 13 year old daughter. Now I say "try" because he didn't get very far, fortunately, because my daughter kicks ass and wasn't about to just let it happen. She told him NO, pushed him away and let a friend of the family know immediately after the initial incident. ......

For the most part, I enjoy my 2.5 hour commute to Atlanta. XM Radio is a wonderful thing, as are books on CD. I try to make two round trips each week.... drive down on Monday morning, spend the night and drive back Tuesday afternoon. I like to take Wednesday off, and then repeat for Thursday and Friday. On the days I'm spending the night in Atlanta, I put in 12-13 hours, and work a regular 8 on the day I drive home. Occasionally things change up, and I end up staying in Atlanta for 2-3 days in a ......