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April 2006 Entries

Yesterday I had lunch with a recruiter. It's ok, I work with her. She's one of the nice ones. We were talking and she got tickled when I referred to “the I.T. guy” at our company. She said, “you're all I.T. guys...” This got me thinking. I don't consider myself an I.T. guy, none of my developer friends consider themselves I.T. guys. To us, the I.T. guys are the ones who come by to fix our computers, manage the network, repair the printers, etc. Then she said that we were all ......

For those of you who spend more time messing with datagrids than I do (which is probably a fair number of you) I have a question... I have a datagrid with several sortable bound columns. These work just fine. I also have a few template columns that you can't sort by, but still need to be sorted when you click on one of the sortable bound columns. (Does this make sense so far?) The problem is, when I click on one of the sortable bound columns, the template columns stay put and don't sort with everything ......

EA labor suit settled, Identity of “EA Spouse” finally revealed...

check this trailer out -  "Snakes on a Plane" w/ Samuel L. Jackson

Should be a great “date movie”  lol


So apparently, Palladium, the publishers of RIFTS, TMNT RPG, Robotech RPG and a lot more are in some serious financial trouble due to some sort of internal betrayal or embezzlement. Personally I was never a huge fan of their products, but I know a lot of folks that just love them. I hate to see ANY company (especially small press) go through this kind of stuff. So... if you're interested in helping out, the link is below. edit: this is apparently a list of some of what happened/was stolen... Reprinted ......

For those of us living in the US, Andre Odendaal might just be the hardest working guy you never heard of. For the last few months, Andre has been working hard to establish a game development community (dare I say, Industry) in South Africa. Jason and I first spoke to Andre, via an introduction by Julia, several months ago when he was just getting started. I caught up with Andre this morning over GTalk and chatted him up a bit. Turns out he has been one busy fella. Not only has he established a web ......

Who's going to TechEd 2006?

Got any extra space in your hotel room? I'm a bum, I know...

Seriously though, I've got my registration taken care of and I'll probably just drive up instead of flying (sadly, my employer doesn't seem terribly interested in stuff like TechEd) but I need a place to crash while I'm there.

Any takers?

I feel a bit like the guy who snuck out of the party without saying goodbye. I've gotten a few “hey dude, where the hell are you” emails, and I've responded to a couple (ok, one... this morning.) 

So anyway... I'll try to be more diligent in posting.


Please please please let the powers that be release a community/express version of XNA Studio... Check out this post on the XNA Framework ... yes... managed code on the XBOX 360.