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Well I'm back from my week in Seattle. I had a GREAT time and got to hang out with some very cool people.

The NetDesk folks were terrific hosts and definitely a great bunch. I was somewhat unprepared for a few of the modules (nobody's fault but my own) and they weren't afraid to provide me with some constructive feedback, which I appreciated. I've got enough friends who tell me what a swell guy I am (no small ego here), so when I do manage to royally bork something up I'm not averse to a little honest feedback (especially over a nice lunch.) Seriously though, NetDesk was a really nice facility with great people and a killer view of Mt Rainier.

Hanging out with Paul on Wednesday was very cool, and we ended up at The Garage (which those of you who attended Microsoft Meltdown *should* remember as the party at the Super Secret Lair. Sadly, there were no spandex clad superchicks there this time around...) Shot a few games of really bad pool, had some pretty good food and talked a bit about MS, careers and just stuff of interest.

Spent some more time Friday evening at GameWorks which is definitely one of my new favorite places to hang out in Seattle. (They have a BUTTLOAD of games, including some retro classics and 4 player airhockey... nice!!) I met up with Zman there and had a few beers and mingled with the locals. I also spent about 30 minutes watching the DDR kids go at it. All I can say to that is wow...

The (all day) Saturday flight back was mostly uneventful although I was stuck back in row 6000 in a middle seat. This would have been almost bearable if the guy in front of me hadn't decided to lay his seat as far back as humanly possible. Fortunately a couple of well placed knees to his lower back eventually convinced him to readjust his seat a little bit. Now, I've never been particularly claustrophobic, but I do enjoy my space (perhaps more than most folks) so when the 5 HOUR flight finally ended, I was grateful to GTFO the plane and back into the wide open expanse (and breathable air) of the Atlanta airport.

While checking the schedule, I noticed there was an earlier flight home so I figured "why wait 3.5 hours in Atlanta?" I inquired about the earlier flight and was told I couldn't switch because I had a bag checked. Ok fair enough... don't want any potential mixups there... I like my life as simple as possible. (Those of you who know me are probably laughing right now)

SOOOO....... I hang out at the gate for a few hours, get some Chik Fil A (eet mor chikin!) and work on a couple of sudoku puzzles on the electronic sudoku doodad I picked up on the flight to Seattle a week ago. While sitting there, I hear an announcement that upgrades to first class are available for a small fee for certain passengers on my flight. Normally, I never pay attention to those announcements, but seeing as how the feeling had JUST returned to certain parts of my body and I was about to embark on the second leg of my journey... I did the only sensible thing and pulled an OJ (NO NO not that kind of OJ... although it could have come to that) and leaped over the people in front of me, dodging old ladies and suitcases to get to the counter. I casually inquired about the upgrade, found out it was a paltry $50 and whipped out my Visa card. Done!

Ever see the Eddie Murphy skit where he masquerades as a white man for a day? Yeah? That was me in first class!! Best $50 I ever spent though (except for that one time in Cartagena, Columbia but that's a blog entry for a different time...)

So after flying in comfort and style... (and of course free food and booze) I get to the airport only to discover my bag apparently decided to take the earlier flight after all. It had been sitting there waiting for me for about 3 hours, so I grabbed my bag skipped all the conveyor belt (is it my bag, is it not) hassle... hopped in the car and went home.

Also, checked my email when I got home and found this game in my inbox. Pretty cool! Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2006 6:57 AM General Interest | Back to top

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I was bummed that I wasn't able to get away from work to get together with you :(. I guess that's what happens when you (meaning me) are trying to finish up all your current work tasks so that you can transition over to a new position (Tech Lead, yay) on a different team.

And I totally agree with you: first class rocks! I was lucky enough to fly first class to Tech Ed Orlando last year and boy, what an experience. Of course, for me it tends to be more of a requirement just because I'm a fat man and I can hardly sit in the toothpicks they call seats in economy.
Left by Jason Olson on Feb 19, 2006 10:09 AM

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