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I just got back from seeing King Kong tonight, and I wanted to write this while it was still fresh in my mind.

Let me start by saying WOW, this is a damn good movie. It's also a damn long movie, as in 3 hours and 10 minutes. By the time you get your popcorn, sit down, hang out for 10 minutes, watch the previews and commercials and then the movie, you've spent 4 HOURS in the theatre.

The movie never drags. There isn't much action in the beginning (as in none at all), but they take the time to setup the story and define who we're supposed to care about. We understand why things happen the way they do. Jack Black does an excellent job of playing an entertaining although not particularly likeable movie director.

In typical Peter Jackson fashion, the visual impact of the scenery is simply magnificent. Skull Island is just amazing. Everything about it is larger than life and complete chaos, but it looks and feels so real. You believe it exists, and more importantly you WANT to believe it exists. The fight scenes and the action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Speaking of Skull Island. I just want to say it again, because it sounds so cool. SKULLLL ISLAND. Ok, that's better. It's aptly named, and we get a little of the legend before we ever see it. There are allusions made to "Heart of Darkness" in the movie, which was a nice touch.

Of course, at some point we meet Kong. This is the original badass giant ape. 25 feet tall and capable of beating the crap out of not one, not two, but three T-Rex's at the same time. All while juggling the damsel in distress from one giant paw to the next. It's easily one of the coolest moments in the movie. Kong is absolutely amazing, and by far the most interesting character in the movie. You don't know where he came from, or why he's the only one of his kind, or how old he is, or anything about him... he just oozes cool. If you've ever watched a special on gorillas on animal planet, you get the feeling that Peter Jackson was paying attention. Kong is King!

Eventually they bring Kong back to the city. I'm not going into detail, and most folks should already know this much along with what happens next. (If you don't, then you should really stop reading now....)

So they get him back to the city, and he's a mere shell of his former self. Abandoned by the love of his life, beaten and broken and reduced to a piece of crappy performance art. At this point, you realize that he is truly the only character in the movie you actually care about and you feel dirty for being in the audience and seeing his pain. Kong's not just a giant ape, he's every guy who got his ass kicked by a woman. He's at a low point in his life and finally gets to the point where he's not going to take it any more.

So we get to watch him escape and trash New York City. It's fun and you feel good about enjoying it, even though you know the movie's almost over and you see the national guard rolling in... time to get out those tissues. The last 10 minutes are easily some of the saddest movie moments in recent history. There wasn't a dry eye in the house (except for me, of course, ahem... sniffle.)

What hurt the most though, was the fact that my 9 year old son (who had never seen a Kong movie, but knew who he was) had no idea it was going to end the way it did. He cried the entire way home and eventually cried himself to sleep. He was, and still is, completely devastated. I felt like the worst parent ever for not warning him first, but it just didn't occur to me. He was so mad (at the national guard) he said he wished Godzilla had showed up and taken them all out. (That's my boy.)

Take the afternoon, catch a matinee and go see it. You won't be sorry. It's a terrific movie. Posted on Friday, December 16, 2005 8:33 PM General Interest , Reviews | Back to top

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# re: King Kong (with some spoily)
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I'm appalled that the American people get such pleasure from seeing an ape get murdered at the hand of their army! Obviously you people are all animals, unfit to be treated as equals in our western civilization!

Left by D'Arcy Lussier on Dec 17, 2005 5:06 AM

# re: King Kong (with some spoily)
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i haven't seen that movie but i heard it was realy good
Left by James on May 25, 2007 6:04 PM

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