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A few of you have emailed or IM'ed me looking for an update, so here it is...

Wachovia credited my account, and they are fighting Target on my behalf.

This is remarkable for several reasons.

1. Normally I hate Wachovia (pronounced WalkAllOverYa), but they really came through this time. They credited my account the money and are fighting with Target to sort it all out. Given their reputation, I was astonished. A couple lessons were learned from this... A. deal with someone who actually has the authority to fix your problem (never accept a 'no' from someone who lacks the authority to say 'yes'.)  B. be polite and friendly (at least to their face) and talk to the same person each time.

2. Target royally screwed me, at Christmas no less. Way to go guys! They've admitted a mistake was made and still haven't paid up as of Friday 12/9/05

3. The local Target store Loss Management person (or whatever she's called) also promised to pay my $150 in overdraft fees, but Corporate Target had one of their *nameless, faceless drones call me and say that they would not be paying them and to take it up with my bank.

(*Those soulless cowards blocked caller ID and left a voice mail with no name, phone number or extension!!)

4. Wachovia refunded the Overdraft charges as well. Amazing!!  I have a newfound respect for Wachovia (I doubt it will last, but you never know...)

That's it, in a nutshell. No more updates on this unless something truly major happens.

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2005 8:13 AM General Interest | Back to top

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