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Don't be scared o thef Universal Print Driver!
Printing is the biggest pain for most XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) administrators. My friends, don’t be afraid of the Universal Print Driver (UPD).
Sure, there might be limitations to the UPD. However if you are running PS 4.0 or 4.5 there are few cases where you would need to install native drivers and 3rd party drivers.
CITRIX METAFRAME XP (Universal Print Driver)
·         black and white printing
·         no advanced functions
·         color printing
·         high resolution printing
CITRIX PRESENTATION SERVER 4.0 and XENAPP 4.5 (Universal Print Driver3)
·         Prints 4x faster
·         Advanced functions like stapling and trays
·         Proximity printing
Installing drivers will make a mess of your Citrix Server.  Managing and supporting printers becomes a challenge. You may not have control of the printers in your environment, and there are some ugly drivers out there that you don’t want on your servers.
So you want to give this UPD a shot, but you don’t want to change everyone at once, phase it in by user or user group. You can do this with a policy; here are steps:
-          Create a security group in active directory and call it something like “Universal Print Driver users” or “UPD Users”. Assign some test users to it.
-          In the Presentation Server Console > right click on Policies > Create Policy…
o   Call it “UPD Policy” or something like that.
o   Leave the “Optimize initial policy settings for a connection type” check box blank.
o   Click “OK” to close the window.
o   If you have another policy that affects print, ensure that this one has a higher priority.
-          Double click to open the “UPD Policy”, expand the folders Printing > Drivers
o   Click on “Native printer driver auto-install”
§ Select “Enabled”
§ Select “Do not automatically install drivers”
o   “Click on Universal driver”
§ Select “Enabled”
§ Select “Use universal driver only” from the drop down.
o    Click “Apply”
-          Right click on the “UPD Policy” and click “Apply this Policy to…”
o   Click “Users”
o   Enable the “Filter based on users” checkbox.
o   Navigate to the “UPD Users” group that you created.
o   Click “Add”.
o   Click “OK”
-          Log off test user, and log back on, test print.
With this policy you can add all your users, or just the problematic ones.
If you are going to do this, I would appreciate your feedback.
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