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One of my clients encountered this issue and kindly passed on the fix after resolving. Thanks Mike!
Migrating Datastore from Access to SQL
I stole this text from a forum with the same symptoms:
«I have read the relevant documentation on how to do this and these are the steps which I've followed so far :

1. Created a new SQL Server 2000 database for the datastore.

2. Created a SQL user account called citrix which the MF servers will use to connect to the SQL Datastore.

3. I have created a new file DSN which points to the new SQL Server database.

4. I have run the DSMAINT MIGRATE .... command with all of the relevant switches and options.

5. I see the migration taking place and it says that the ENTRY TABLE and INDEX TABLE are being migrated. Once this is finished, I get the message "the migration was successful".

6. I'm then asked whether I want to peform a "comparison check" of both the MS Access and the new SQL Server stores (it says that it is recommended to do so). I select YES and then it comes back with the following message :

The comparison finished successfully.
The entry table differs in the two data stores.

I'm a little concerned that I get the latter message. Does this indicate that there is a big problem and that not all of the data has been migrated ?

7. I did ignore this and then ran the DSMAINT CONFIG command to tell Server A to access the new SQL Datastore (using the new DSN I had created in step 3). This seemed to run okay.

8. When I then tried to stop and restart the IMA service on this server, I get an error message and this service can't restart. The event log error messages I get are similar to :

Failed to load plugin ImaRuntimeSS.dll with error IMA_RESULT_FAILURE

Failed to load initial plugins with error IMA_RESULT_FAILURE

The Independent Management Architecture service terminated with service-specific error 2147483649.»
The fix for this is not posted, in the forum where I took the text from.
There was some corruption in the datastore that requires fixing before migrating.
Before migrating, backup your datastore and run DSCheck to check and clean (if necessary) the datastore and then migrate the datastore using DSMaint.
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I get the same error even the dscheck says everything is alright.

I also have run a DSCHECK /CLEAN

anyone seen this?
Left by Martin on May 28, 2008 4:26 AM

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