Calling Stored Procs in Neo4j using Neo4jClient –the hacky way

Neo4j 3.0 introduced the concept of Stored Procedures, now, whilst they’re not the same as SQL based SPs, they work – and well – it’s what we’ve got!

Neo4jClient doesn’t currently have any native way to call a Stored Proc, so to get you there in the interim, we’ll use the ‘apoc.create.uuids’ proc – which returns a GUID (or multiples) and uses both the CALL and YIELD keywords.

(Sorry for lack of code highlighting….)


var gc = new GraphClient(new Uri("http://localhost:7474/db/data"));
IRawGraphClient rgc = gc;

var queryText = "CALL apoc.create.uuids(2) YIELD uuid";
var query = new CypherQuery(queryText, null, CypherResultMode.Projection);

var results = rgc.ExecuteGetCypherResults<Result>(query);

foreach (var result in results)

Using a ‘Result’ class which looks like:


public class Result
    public Guid uuid { get; set;}


So, try similar approaches with other stored procs!

Obviously, the ideal will be something like gc.Call(“spName”).Yield<T>(“propertyNames”)