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Rajesh Charagandla All about Microsoft BizTalk Server !!!
BizTalk Hotrod Issue 6 Q2 Magazine is out there.
Below are the topics you can find in this magazine.  
  1. Writing Great BizTalk Applications
  2. BizTalk Rule Engine, a practical application
  3. Development Challenges with XML over AS2
  4. Batching Outbound Messages: Management of Multiple Batch Criteria per Party
  5. Hierarchical naming convention for BizTalk Messaging artifacts
  6. To Be, Or Logical Not To Be: If-Then-Else in BizTalk Maps
  7. Enhancing the BizTalk Mapper: How to Wrap XSLT in Custom Functoids
  8. Muenchian Grouping and Sorting in XSLT
  9. Eliminate BizTalk Admin Problems with Terminator
  10. Static Code Analysis for BizTalk Using BizTalkCop – Avoiding Common Pitfalls
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