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"Bizmon" [BizTalk Admin Console + HAT] - Aggregated monitoring of Biztalk Solutions.

 Richard Hallgren is developed and releasing first version of the tool on End of Feb 09.

Bizmon tool having many features.

  1. In one single screen give an overview of the overall status of all the integrations. By status I mean if there are ports, orchestration or host instances that aren’t running that should be running or if there is any suspended traffic on that particular integration.

  2. The possibility to show detailed information for a specific integration on what artifacts (ports, host instances etc) that are/aren’t running. How much traffic that’s been sent/received via the integration. When traffic was sent/received and if there’s any suspended messages on the integration.

  3. The option to filter exclude specific artifacts from monitoring (for example receive locations that’s usually turned off etc).

  4. Setting up monitoring by for example email and also define what integrations to be included in one specific monitoring (different persons are usually responsible for monitoring different integrations).

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