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I recently attended a meeting of the INETA Board of Directors and Committee Heads as the Co-Chair of the User Group Relations Committee. In addition, our MSFT representatives Heidi and Amy attended. For those of you that do not know, INETA is an independent non-profit organization that provides resources and services for .NET user groups around the world. Even though I have been volunteering with INETA for about two years I only moved into the Co-Chair position this past May so this was my first Board meeting.

It was a great meeting because it brought all the volunteers responsible for the major areas of INETA together where we were able to discuss many issues and plan for tasks and upcoming events. The in-person communication was invaluable. This was a one-day Saturday meeting since all of us are volunteers and spend some time occasionally in jobs that pay the bills during the week. The first half of the day was spent reviewing the structure and current focus of each INETA committee for our new General Manager Samantha who will be a great asset to the organization. During the afternoon each committee discussed plans for the upcoming year where there was good and sometimes intense discussion. INETA has some exciting new things coming including more speaker events, an expanded User Group Leader Summit at TechEd 2005, a new website, and more.

As always it was lots of fun to get to hang out with the other INETA volunteers. One great thing about INETA is the people. Everyone is passionate about user groups and also genuinely nice and fun to hang out with. The meeting was in Las Vegas so after our all day work session we went out for a great dinner at Drais then did some people watching on the Strip and at a few local watering holes. Also, I came out $5.75 ahead which is more than I can say for other Vegas trips. Sunday morning came and we all parted ways, looking forward to our next gathering.

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Hi Chris

I just want to introduce myself, as I am moving towards forming a User Group in The Niagara Region ( Ontario, Canada).

Im looking forward to establish a relation with you as you are in UG relations.

Best Wishes
Left by Rodrigo Pineda-Icaza on Oct 12, 2004 7:08 PM

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