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  • CaffeinatedTwit It would also be nice if google added some sarcasm filters about 2461 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit "Singletons are evil" = 739,000 results..."Singletons are aewsome" = 384,000 results...Evil clearly wins. about 2461 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit @mpool Noob! You obviously haven't had enough practice when it comes to drinking at lunch. about 2473 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit Spent lunch at Borders working on a blog post for Monday. about 2473 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit I'm still in the mode where I'm trying to minimize the refactoring until I get the mocking framework more deeply integrated into our process about 2473 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit Just discovered the outref option in rhino.mocks. Opted to use that instead of refactoring legacy code to a return object this time. about 2473 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit First time posting on twitter in a couple of weeks and the update fails. Good to know things haven't changed much. about 2474 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit Overheard: Is there anyone I can talk to there who is having a better day than you are? (coworker to DMV worker) about 2474 days ago
  • CaffeinatedTwit Installing the final version of R# 4.0. Been getting lots of errors with the pre-release version I am using, so hopefully this will help. about 2482 days ago

Caffeinated Coder A Grande, Triple Shot, Non-Fat Core Dump by Russell Ball January 2008 Entries
What Are You Still Doing Here?
If there is anyone left who missed my last post on GeeksWithBlogs, I moved my blog to a new location at For those of you with RSS Readers, please change your feed subscriptions to use my new feedburner location. I do not plan to do any new posts on GeeksWithBlogs ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 22, 2008 7:00 PM

Dear GeeksWithBlogs, Let's Just Be Friends...
Yes, it's true. I've packed my bags and am moving to a new location. For those of you with RSS Readers, please change your feed subscriptions to use my new feedburner location. I do not plan to do any new posts on GeeksWithBlogs with the possible exception of a few redirection reminders. For the rest of you, you can see my shiny new blog on It may not look like it, but I've spent quite a few late nights over the past few weeks dusting off my PHP and CSS skills so that I could ......

Posted On Monday, January 14, 2008 1:39 AM

Rory's Minions Rout Canucks in a Landslide
]]> The 2007 Caffeinated Codey Showdown is officially over and the votes have been tallied. Despite an early lead by the Canadian contingent (Justice Gray and D'Arcy Lussier), Rory Blyth rallied the troops and surged ahead to win both the Best Blog Humor and Most Fun with Multimedia categories in a landslide. Justice still dominated in the Best Post Title category and the anonymous ALT.NET Pursefight blogger edged out Fake Steve Jobs to claim the title for Best Technical Satire. Congratulations to ......

Posted On Sunday, January 13, 2008 10:05 PM

Mystery Solved!
In my last post I hypothesized what could have caused Scott Bellware to disappear from the blogoshpere so quietly and abruptly. I admit that I was leaning towards one of the options that involved alien abduction, but then after doing a little detective work I uncovered this little bit of photographic evidence. Apparently Scott was just playing hard-to-get with Microsoft as a bargaining tactic. Well played, sir ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 8, 2008 8:03 PM

Has Scott Forsaken Us?
Imagine my surprise the other day when I discovered one of my Scott Bellware links was broken. Panic quickly set in when I went to CodeBetter and noticed that his blog was no longer listed on the site. I did notice that my Bellware feed hadn't been updated in a while, but I figured he was just taking a break after the comment section of one of his recent posts devolved into the equivalent of a Jerry Spring episode. I had no idea that he was going to pack up his bags and leave codeBetter for good. ......

Posted On Monday, January 7, 2008 10:39 PM

Guest Blog Post History
My official "homage to Justice Gray" guest blog post has just been published. Besides providing me with some of the most fun I've had in blogging yet, this post also inspired me to finally learn some basic photo editing skills (beyond just cropping and resizing) so that I could provide some appropriate visual aids to go with the post. Many thanks to my lovely wife for sharing some of her image manipulation prowess with me and to the creator of for providing such an awesome free tool. I ......

Posted On Monday, January 7, 2008 1:01 PM

2007 Caffeinated Codey Final Showdown
The regular panel of judges used to select the monthly Caffeinated Codey winners are all far too hung over to competently decide the overall winners for the year, so I've decided to let the nominees fight it out pollDaddy style and then actually award the survivors real prizes for a change. Rules I have selected 4 categories with 5 nominees per category. All the nominees were either previous Caffeinated Codey winners or else featured in one of my review posts this year. For now, all of the categories ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 1, 2008 11:45 PM

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