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I've finally been bitten by the Resharper bug and now I want to be a Resharper Jedi when I grow up like Ilya Ryzhenkov on this video. According to the JetBrains .NET Tool Blog, a Resharper Jedi is someone who "can code hella fast with ReSharper and blow productivity levels off the chart". I haven't heard any claims about Resharper being able to help me Jedi-mind-trick my way out of traffic tickets, but there sure is a lot of reverent blogosphere speak about people like Ayende who can code at the speed of light during demos thanks to his mastery of this tool's navigation, code generation, and refactoring keyboard short-cuts.

I just finished reading Joe White's 31 days of R# and trying out almost every item in the Resharper menu that appears in Visual Studio after installing it. So far the force does not appear to be as strong in my family as I had hoped, but with luck I will make steady progress in the near future with the help of the Resharper Cheat Sheet, which I plan to post up on the wall of my new cube.

Below is a screen shot of one of my favorite features, the Usage option (Shift + Alt + F12 under VS Bindings). It shows all the references to the selected method or property, which is great when you are trying to determine potential side affects of changing legacy code (assuming you don't already have a ton of unit tests to assuage your fears).

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