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One month ago, I joined the epic struggle of Justice Gray (a.k.a. "Justin the Metrosexual") to "change the world" by publically sharing my roadmap to becoming a better developer. Justice's own dubious plan involved reading one developer book a week for six months while presumably trying to prevent his brains ooze out of multiple orifices, a truly remarkable feat that should not to be attempted by anyone who has legitimate fears of losing cerebral tissue in a horribly sticky, uncomfortable manner.

Because misery loves company, he also started a mad game of tag with the aim of tricking as many other developers as possible into publically agreeing to give up their own free time in the name of becoming even geekier. I personally think that this whole idea was simply a plot hatched by Justice with the aim of diverting otherwise virile programmers away from the limited female population that will have anything to do with geeks in the first place, thereby improving his own otherwise meager odds. I mean come on...have you seen his picture? He obviously needs all the help he can get...:-)

In commemoration of my own one month anniversary of having succumbed to this evil plot, I feel compelled to provide a progress report. So far, I have made modest gains in exploring non-traditional MS technologies by working my way through various tutorials on Boo and the Windsor Container. I also inched my way closer to the open source world by familiarizing myself with the PoweShell Community Extensions and kick-started my goal of become an avid code reader by downloading and perusing the code in the SubText project. As far as tools are concerned, I spent several hours puzzling over the various graphical reports of NDepend trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of cyclomatic complexity. Not a bad start, but time is dwindling away and I'm not quite as far along the path as I had originally envisioned.

In the spirit of holding myself accountable through public humiliation, I am going to try to increase my pace a little by committing to more concrete goals for next 30 days. Since I shy away from writing a blog post on a technical topic until I reach a certain level of understanding (it's all relative of course), I am going to commit to writing at least one blog post on each of the following goal-related topics during the next month:

  1. Tools: NDepend and Resharper
  2. Expand OOP/MS horizons: Windsor Container and F# 
  3. Code Reading: Rotor

I am also going to take a baby-step into the open source world by writing a personal email to Keith Hill offering my humble services on the PSCX project. If he is smart, he'll say no, but at least I will have made an effort.

Until next month, may you have success in achieving your own developer goals while still managing to stake your claim on the geek-loving female of your choice.

P.S. - I recommend that you immediately delete any email or blog post that contains the word "Tag". No good can come of it.


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Well on behalf of the human race as a whole, I hereby thank your wife for her part in preventing our certain doom.

Seriously, thanks for having such an entertaining blog. It's a very refreshing change of pace from the boring religious zealotry that so often litters the blogsphere. I also appreciate this mini self-improvement kick that you've inspired in me. It has definitely helped reinvigorate me as of late.

Best wishes on finishing all those books.
Left by Russell Ball on Aug 15, 2007 11:26 AM

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