December 2012 Entries

This isn’t “new” news, but it’s new to me. The ASP.NET team has come up with a way to make web applications behave like Windows applications with the love of some technologies:

  • HTML5 + JavaScript
  • Knockout + jQuery
  • SignalR

Brad Wilson, a developer on the ASP.NET team demonstrated last June in Norway the “Webstack of Love”, which I think is the wave of the future. His demonstrations really showed what can be done at the heart of some of these technologies, and how they can be integrated in a straightforward manner. I highly recommend watching the video in that post.

The three technologies that really caught my eye were ASP.NET Web API, Knockout, and SignalR. These technologies are the wave of the future in ASP.NET web application development.

Really, check them out.

Seriously, why are you still reading this?

Go check them out already!