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I have been using Agent Ransack for a few years and find it to be a really useful tool for not only finding files quickly but seeing the line in the file that contains the text you were searching for in the first place (assuming you're searching for files based on text contained in those files). Agent Ransack added itself to the folder context menu in Windows Explorer (the pop-up menu that appears when you right-click a folder) in XP, but in Vista it didn't. I'm not sure why. Determined to get this working again, I did a little research and got it working!

What I found was based on a post here: and on running AgentRansack.exe /? at the command line to find all of the command line options for it.


  1. Open regedit.exe with the Run dialog on the Start menu.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell
  3. (If the "shell" key doesn't exist within the Folder key, create it by right-clicking on the Folder key, and selecting New - key. Do not include the quotes in the name.)
  4. Create a key within the "shell" key named "Agent Ransack" or "Open with Agent Ransack", whatever you prefer. (No quotes.)
  5. Create a key within the key in Step 4 named "command". (No quotes.)
  6. Within this new "command" key, double-click the "Default" Value in the right pane, and place the following in its "Value data" field: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe" "-d" "%1" (this time, include the quotes).
  7. Click OK. This change should take effect immediately. No need for a reboot. Close regedit and enjoy!

Note: My setup is a 64-bit version of Vista.

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