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November 2008 Entries

Thank a Veteran

Thank you veterans and active duty personnel who have sacrificed and served our country in good times and bad. If you haven't thanked a veteran today, please do so. If you don't know a veteran, let me suggest a few: Kyle Farmer (Bronze Star of Valor, South East Asian Theater, Vietnam War, Honorable Discharge) Hobart Carder (Silver Star for Gallantry in action, European Theater, World War II, Honorable Discharge) Donald Paul Taylor (Navy, Honorable Discharge) All My Dawgz from da know who ......

B-Dogg's New Ryde

So a few months ago I broke down and purchased a new-to-me vehicle. The process of obtaining a new car was quite humerous (if it were happening to someone else). So here is the car buying summary and the car. Summary I originally set out to get a used BMW 530i. Well, several of my friends suggested I look into other cars. This irritated me, of course, because I had made a decision. One of my friends suggested I look at the Lincoln. That conversation went something like this: Friend - "You should ......