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I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this week on business.  I've not visited Toronto before and I've only visited Canada at Niagra Falls.  Toronto is a nice city.  It is big (2.5M people proper) but not overwhelming at all.  We are staying close the "heart" of the city (I guess) near the Eaton Center.  There are so many big-city features for one to avail themself it makes me wish I could live in a big city.

In addition, there is a great candy bar called "Coffee Crisp".  I hope I can find it in the states.  It is fantabulous!  Check it out...

I ate at Jack Astor's and The Keg Mansion.  The Keg is one of the best (if not the best) steak I have ever eaten. 

I am slated to hit the midnight The Dark Knight tonight but I don't think I'll make it.  I'm wussing out due to the timing (it's a 2.5 hour movie). 

I have to come back to Toronto in a few weeks so any suggestions you have on "to do" are appreciated.

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There was a diner we hit right across from Masey Hall that was phenominal...really good food.

Also, check out what shows are playing in their theatre district. When I was there a few months back for Dev Teach, they had Evil Dead The Musical playing and it was a great time.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jul 17, 2008 4:53 PM

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