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Cédric Menzi Yet Another Burst Programming Session Will Solve It
Table of Contents Introduction PE file format and COFF header COFF file header BaseCoffReader Byte4ByteCoffReader UnsafeCoffReader ManagedCoffReader Conclusion History This article is also available on CodeProject Introduction Sometimes, you want to parse well-formed binary data and bring it into your objects to do some dirty stuff with it. In the Windows ......

Spring Geek Night at Technopark Zurich Yesterday, I was at the spring geek night in Zurich. Sam Brannen, the author of the Spring TestContext Framework and previously a member of the SpringSource dm Server development team, has presented the new features of Spring 3.0. With Spring 3.0 nearly everything is annotable. So, for all those who hate XML with ......

Welcome to my geeky blog.

I'm going to focus on following topics:

  • software architecture
  • patterns and anti-patterns
  • best pratices / clean code
  • .NET (WCF / WF /WPF)

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