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imageIf you are a member/subscriber to any of the following programs you are eligible to receive one-time, 12-month Windows Store and Windows Phone developer accounts. 

  • Visual Studio Professional with MSDN
  • Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN
  • Visual Studio Premium with MSDN
  • Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN
  • BizSpark

On September 11, 2012 Microsoft announced that Windows Store is open to individual developers (Company only registration became available on August 1st). This means that eligible MSDN subscribers will be able to select between an individual and company account when registering for their developer account benefit.   New or existing subscribers will see developer accounts listed as a benefit on the Getting Started page as well as various MSDN overview pages.

Now that you have this benefit why not get started. 

To activate this benefit, subscribers are provided with a unique token for each of the developer accounts. The tokens will work for both individual and company registration.

To acquire and redeem the token:

1. Log into My Account.

2. Click on ‘Get Code’. A unique token will be delivered to each subscriber.

3. Click on ‘How to Register’ (link will appear once code is claimed). A developer account details page will display that includes an overview of the benefit, token and registration information.

4. Click on the link to ‘Register your code’.  This launches the developer account registration process.

Ready to start developing?  Head over to Generation App to get started.

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