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This week has been an interesting one. Lots of ups and downs in the XNA Community and lots of things that we’re not sure yet if it’s an up or down. One of the biggest changes that happened was that the Top Downloads list on and on the Xbox dashboard is now calculated differently for Xbox LIVE Indie Games. It’s still not clear what impact this is going to have (although I know it feels pretty clear to some of you in the community!) but this lead to some interesting things.

One, we got to see Xbox LIVE Indie Games mixed into the master best selling list with Xbox LIVE Arcade and retail titles. The screenshots of that will be in my mind (and on my hard drive) forever. That was pretty awesome to see and I’m looking forward to a day where that is the reality of things.

Two (and I think this point got lost in the panic of whether this was a good thing or not), the XNA Team DID SOMETHING. Not only did they do something, but they communicated with the community about it afterwards and they’re still talking to us. That is unbelievably fantastic and I’m standing up and giving them a slow clap right now. Nicely done, let’s see some more of that and I guarantee you this community will respond by making more and more awesome content and games for all your platforms.

Now on to what’s been happening in the XNA community…

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Thanks for including my Conversation engine in your post!
Left by Ian Mitchell on Aug 05, 2011 1:52 PM

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I enjoyed the clips of the games especially the ninja game.
Brilliant update
penis advantage book
Left by matt gorden on Sep 01, 2011 5:08 AM

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