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This week has been a rough one. I’ve been sick and then in some kind of slump for my afternoon coding sessions. It could be from the cold, could be I’m still tired from writing that Windows Phone 7 game development book (which is out now!) or it could just be I’m tired of winter and want some sunshine. All I know is that even while I’m stick, the XNA world keeps going along at it’s whirlwind pace. Below are the things I caught in between my coughing fits..

Time Critical XNA News:

XNA Team:


XNA Developers:

Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG):

XNA Game Development:

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Hey cheers for the shoutout ill put a link on my blog. Quick question how did ypu find out about my website?? And if you have read some of my posts did you find them alright.

Cheers luke
Left by Luke avery on Feb 25, 2011 10:35 AM

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