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XNA Notes 003

Another week and another whirlwind of wonderful works coming from the XNA Community. I find it crazy just how hard it is to keep up with everything going on and knowing just how big the community has gotten recognizing just how much I’m missing as well. But here are the things I DID manage to catch…

XNA Developers

Xbox LIVE Indie Games

XNA Game Development

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# re: XNA Notes 003

I seem to be late to this party (first time I've come across this) but it's pretty awesome. I can catch up on some stuff I missed throughout the week!
1/21/2011 5:19 PM | Jeff Brown

# re: XNA Notes 003

These notes are awesome. Keep them coming!
1/23/2011 11:03 AM | Robin

# re: XNA Notes 003

Thanks for posting these notes, they are a great way to keep up with whats going on with the XNA community
1/24/2011 8:50 AM | Joedev

# re: XNA Notes 003

I dont have the same time to scan through all posts anymore, this is perfect!
2/24/2011 7:02 AM | Fabian Viking
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