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With today being Father's day, I of course did what every dad dreams of doing. I attempted to program a Gauntlet style game in Managed DirectX with VB.NET using Visual Studio Express. I'm sure most of you did the same.

I made some really excellent progress and it felt VERY good. The coding isn't pretty, but this is jut my first pass at it. I code similar to how you are supposed to write a college paper. First I start with notecards (a myriad of sheets of notebook papers with scribbled thoughts and ideas). Then I start putting it all in order in the IDE. Then I start flushing out more content and adding things I didn't think about or know that I needed. Then I add even more content. Then I read it over and make it all make a little more sense, correct errors and give it some flair (refactoring and an attempt at good OO practices). Then I repeat that last sentence until the due date (code cutoff, in this case the contest end). So today was basically the transfer of my notes into code.

So even though the code is extremely sloppy, the gameplay is really coming together. Here's a little screenshot showcasing the intense Caverns and Leviathans action as Bob move down through the various levels.

Above you can see Bob heroically trying to destroy the Cauldron that is spawning the evil Nagas as he battles his way through the Cavern. Good luck Bob!

Currently, the first level is loading (it's the only one I have designed so far and I'm hoping to get 4 done). The items (keys, doors, cauldrons, potion and stairs) are all loading and Bob interacts with each of these items appropriately. The cauldrons also spawn enemies and the enemies will swarm on Bob as he nears them (Naga's are shown swarming him in the screenshot). The doors remain locked and impassable unless Bob has a key and the stairs signal the completion of the first cavern.

I told myself that if I got the first level done that I would skip the next three and wrap up the final boss battle with the Leviathan. I want to do that in case I run out of time and can't add the next 3 caverns. Then at least the gametype itself would be playable. So that's the next step, battling the Leviathan. We'll see how developing a boss battle turns out, should be fun, educational and interesting.

Father's day is awesome! (thanks Wifey!)

Posted on Sunday, June 18, 2006 6:15 PM GWB Game Design Challenge | Back to top

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