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This weekend is my 6-year wedding anniversary (June 3rd) so I'm guessing that won't mean a lot of forward progress on the game. We are actually going to be kidless (we have 3 boys) for the next 2 nights so I imagine we won't take advantage of that by tweaking and refactoring code in the Bob The Fish.

I did work some today with Rick in figuring out how to properly get Bob's kids to follow him and with the suggestion made by thorkia (thanks for that!), I have implemented a system that I think will work, but still has some "issues".

I wish I had more to say about Visual Studio Express, but really I haven't noticed much of a difference and that's still true. I code in the full blown version at work and I come home and code in Express and I just don't feel any different. So I guess that's great for Express, but bad for me to find anything special to blog about regarding it.

Well, that's my update for probably the weekend. Next week I'm really going to have to focus and finish up the remaining levels (I still haven't really started on 2 of them!).

Have a good weekend everyone!

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2006 12:59 PM GWB Game Design Challenge | Back to top

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Congratulations, man! Celebrating an anniversay is _so_ much better than coding. You have to remember what's really important in life :). Don't worry though as I won't be coding at all this weekend either as I'm stuck in Seattle the entire weekend.
Left by Jason Olson on Jun 02, 2006 7:55 PM

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