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On a more technical note, these are some of the questions I generally ask when interviewing someone for BizTalk. They are pretty general because the goal was to find out their knowledge of BizTalk in general, not to check if they knew all the gory details.

General BizTalk Questions

  • Explain general architecture of BizTalk (components, interaction of this components, etc)
  • What design-pattern does BizTalk implement?
  • Is the communication/messaging system in BizTalk is synchronous or asynchronous?
  • What are orchestrations? When to use them?
  • What is a pure-messaging solution?

The next set of questions is more specific to the position (and I only had the occasion to ask them once because nowadays it is hard to find people with pre-BTS04 knowledge) but they still touch on the basic functioning of BTS (pre 2004).

BizTalk Server 2000-2002

  • What are AICs? Where would you go to change their configuration options?
  • What queues are available in BizTalk? How are they used?
  • InterchangeDTA database: what is it? what is it for? how would you empty it?

I'll let you work on the answers :)

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