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Greg Poole has updated the batch file renaming utility that I posted a while back (

Here's his updates:

From Greg's post:

I've spent some time looking around to find a batch file renamer which meets my needs, without much luck. Basically, I wanted something which would be activated by an item in the context menu for folders (right click) and would just allow basic renaming of files using regular expressions. I didn't want anything heavy-weight or complicated, just a regular expression file renamer. I finally stumbled across Shawn Cicoria's blog, where he had posted his regex file renamer. It works pretty nicely and was pretty much just what I was after (if lacking one or two specifics). I've now modified his code to work exactly how I imagined as well as tweaking the interface a bit. I also added configurable presets (using FileRename.xml), which allows you to set up some standard expression sets. I haven't done any yet but if you have any you'd like to send in, please do. I've made the whole package available for download in my downloads section for those who are after the same thing I was. If you like the code or you see something which you'd like changed, why not download the project source and let me or Shawn know about your modifications or improvements.

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