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Been running with Vista for a bit and initially the first thing that bites you is all the additional protection.  Don’t get me wrong, this is all good and should squash many of the complaints about security, elevated attacks, and the Shatter Attack problem.  But, I’m sure people will find something else to complain about.

Good thing is, with the namespace ACL issue, there’s been a utility floating around called HttpCfg.exe. Comes with the support tools for Windows 2003 & XP SP2.  This command simply allows you to add an ACL to the allowed reservation of that namespace withing the Http API/Kernel level listener.  Usually it’s only for Local Administrators, but even if you’re logged onto Vista as an administrator,  you’re still not running with elevated privileges.  Again, this is all good – you get used to it quick.

So, my problem is I have a new Vista build (clean wipe) no access to HttpCfg.exe.  Well there’s a command built in to Vista to do this for you.  The NetSh (NetShell).

Just open up a command prompt (as Administrator/Elevated) and for your service enter the following:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:8001/MyService user=<domain>\<user>

You need to modify the port, Uri as required for your service.  And obviously the user information at the end. 

To unwind this you enter the following:

netsh http delete urlacl url=http://+:8001/MyService

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