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Chris Canal A Scottish .NET Developer
I'm trying to deploy an SSIS task onto a server and I'm getting the following error:
The task "script task" cannot run on this edition of Integration Services. It requires a higher level edition
The task in question is a Script Task and the SSIS package is loaded from the file system and executed with C#. It connects to a spreadsheet and retrieves the first worksheets name. It works fine locally but not on the server. The version of SQL Server installed is Enterprise Edition.

I didn't write the package, my development manager did and he's on holiday for 2 weeks and the client is in tomorrow.

Has anyone came across this? It's possibly my fault, I haven't really worked with SSIS before. I'm now going to have to replicate what the script does in C#, so any suggestions that saves me from doing so will be greatly appreciated! Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2008 2:56 PM tools | Back to top

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