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source: I am using the Windows Azure PowerShell CmdLets to perform deployments of Cloud Services. This was all working well until I started to receive the error “total requested resources are too large for the specified vm size”. Deployments via Visual Studio worked fine. A few details about VM size are here: The size of my extracted package files must have grown beyond 23,256MB (Calculated as: ......

Currently, the Azure PaaS does not offer a distributed\resilient task scheduling service. If you do want to host a task scheduling product\solution off-premise (and ideally use Azure), what are your options?Update: 09/01/2013 - There is a new way to schedule tasks in Windows Azure using the Scheduler (preview) provided with the Azure Mobile Services. See Update: 25/01/2013 - Yet another option. The new Azure “Add-on Store” has ......

When setting up publishing for an Azure project from Visual Studio, are you unable to download the the .publishsettings file? Are you using IE9? Is the error “<file> couldn't be downloaded”?

If so, change the IE9 default settings to uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".

For further information, see: