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February 2013 Entries

source: I am using the Windows Azure PowerShell CmdLets to perform deployments of Cloud Services. This was all working well until I started to receive the error “total requested resources are too large for the specified vm size”. Deployments via Visual Studio worked fine. A few details about VM size are here: The size of my extracted package files must have grown beyond 23,256MB (Calculated as: ......

Article Source: Tracking the count of TODO’s in your solution can be used for the following: Use as an additional measure of code quality. Predict estimated completion dates through use of a burndown chart. Once in production, TODO’s can be a good measure of how much Technical Debt lives within a solution. As such, I have created a “FilesTextSearch” WF activity that can be plugged into a TFS build template. I’ve uploaded this as patch 13789 in the codeplex Community ......