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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 #

Article Source:

BizUnit is defined as a "Framework for Automated Testing of Distributed Systems."

I've never seen a catchy label to describe what type of tests we create using this framework. They are not really "Unit Tests" that's for sure. "Integration Tests" might be a good definition.  However, I want a label that clearly separates them from the manual "System Integration Testing" phase of a project where real instances of the integrated systems are used.

Among some colleagues, we brainstormed some suggestions:

  • Automated Integration Tests
  • Stubbed Integration Tests
  • Sandboxed Integration Tests
  • Localized Integration Tests
  • LINK Tests

All these give a good indication of the tests that are being done. I think "Stubbed Integration Tests" is most catchy and descriptive. So I will use that until someone comes up with a better idea.