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  • chanderr heading home after watching a movie! late night Train journey! hopefully no weirdos in the train! about 1018 days ago
  • chanderr I can't wait to go on my first ride ever on my brand new bike this Saturday! about 1018 days ago
  • chanderr someone at the Gym "hey why did you ignore my girl friends friend request on FB" I am like "um but why does she want to be my friend??" about 1019 days ago
  • chanderr @myylune Tarneit Gardens!used to live in Moorookyle though! these guys do it on Tarneit rd freqly and now in Tarneit Gardens too about 1020 days ago
  • chanderr done with the meeting! Off to bed now about 1020 days ago

Hit [F5] To Run September 2009 Entries
Perfect Day in Melbourne
Hah! back in the Blogging Business after being away for a really long period. The Spring is just so exciting,Glad that the Winter is over.Well not to mention I have kicked off with my jogging routine starting from today and expect myself not to stop this. I *wish* to be blogging regularly as possible,I am sure I will find a few minutes in the Tram on the way to work.Thanks for my IPhone 3GS. I dedicate this blog post to my Mom.She just loves the Skydeck here in Melbourne,hence decided to capture ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:27 AM

One of my lucky days

I was informed yesterday that I have won an $180 Microsoft Certification voucher for one of the recent contests that I took part in.

It appears more like a regular yearly quota,I won a certification voucher last year too.

Ofcourse it was absolutely pleasing to hear that.

It's always good to win :)


Posted On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:25 AM

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