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Hit [F5] To Run

I have never been satisfied with any of the headphones that I have bought so far,Not completely satisfied with the Apple In ear Headphones either :-)

Anyways,here is the story..

I got these headphones delivered home during the Christmas break.

Read a few reviews: Read it only after I bought it :-( Anyways,most of the review I read had positive feedback.

I wasn't happy with the Bass,Tried out all the "ear tips". The smaller tips proved to be better than the rest.

Called up Apple Support [only after 15 days I guess]

They said I definitely can't return the product as it is past it's return period,I was a bit frustrated with this.

In return they offered to give me a $20 store coupon that I could redeem with my next purchase in the store.


Awesome sound.

Great clarity for recording


Not enough bass!! ..Not that I expect the headphones to blow my ears,but I expect decent amount of bass

Tried out all the modes in the EQ too.

Anyways,that's me


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