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Jeff Atwood blogs about The Last Responsible Moment, which involves delaying decisions as long as possible, but not longer.  This sounds counter-intuitive, but I believe is a key ingredient in YAGNI.

Making decisions at the Last Responsible Moment isn't procrastination; it's inspired laziness. It's a solid, fundamental risk avoidance strategy. Decisions made too early in a project are hugely risky. Early decisions often result in work that has to be thrown away. Even worse, those early decisions can have crippling and unavoidable consequences for the entire future of the project.

The key is to make decisions as late as you can responsibly wait because that is the point at which you have the most information on which to base the decision. In software design it means you forgo creating generalized solutions or class structures until you know that they’re justified or necessary.

Jeff correctly shows that the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" can be overkill in software architecture.  As he says "Be Prepared.  But for tomorrow, not next year."

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