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Howard Richards has picked out a good AJAX library (not Atlas) called Anthem.NET found on Sourceforge.

From the Introduction:

AJAX is something lots of ASP.NET developers are interested in, but there are a number of AJAX libraries and solutions out there - so which one do you go for?

When looking myself, the criteria I used were:
  • support ASP.NET 2.0 as that's what I'm using
  • work as seamlessly as possible with VS2005, ideally without having to hand-code client JavaScript and
  • support ASP.NET functionality as closely as possible

    Having looked at the various AJAX libraries out there (including Atlas) I noticed that the ASP.NET forums were using a library I hadn't seen before (and it's not Atlas!). Web searches led me to Jason Diamond's which has recently been redesigned and launched on SourceForge.Net as Anthem.NET, so it's now an official OpenSource project.

    Note: It was pointed out in the comments I had not addressed the issue of cross-browser compatibility, which is obviously quite important! I'm glad to report that Anthem.NET works on IE, FireFox and Safari (reportedly much better than Atlas as I write). The developer has even put work into making sure it runs under Mono as well.


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    I'm new to this but am wondering if Anthem.NET is compatable with ObjectDataSource for n-tier systems.
    Left by Bill on Apr 12, 2006 10:22 AM

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