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Tim Murphy,

It is always interesting to find out what technology I will have to work with next. One of the latest that I’ve had to learn is PHP and since I am running Windows 8 I had to get it working in that environment. ...

Dennis Vroegop,

Now, I am confused. One the rules of Windows Store Apps is that you make extensive use of the available charms. This means you do not add a "Share to FaceBook" button to your app, you don't add a "Print" ...

marc dekeyser,

The Exchange Server product line experienced a few changes with the introduction of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Exchange Server 2013 brings with it a whole new set of services, technologies and features ...

Tim Murphy,

I’m not sure if it is ego or a desire to inform our community, but many of us try to post to blogs on a regular basis. Many companies choose to have their own blog server to host content from their employees. ...