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This happens when you want to enable your security to encrypt your password and enable password retrieval.

If you set your own machinekey.

My fix was in the web.config :

<pages enableViewStateMac="true" viewStateEncryptionMode="Always"></pages>

<membership defaultProvider="SqlMembershipProvider" hashAlgorithmType="SHA1">

<machineKey validation="SHA1" validationKey="8EF2706A98DAB8DFD9DED53180A02BD172A45586AACD63500D5290CF44BACCC1697F402AE0F5D734940BD19BB98A6EBBE788E943B7293E6356B25B00DF2891FB,IsolateApps" decryption="AES" decryptionKey="8F103358F65FD53132A2856C8BAC9273AA92493D5570945EC74C5856B626BB66,IsolateApps"/>

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2005 10:03 AM .NET 2.0 | Back to top

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