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October 2012 Entries

Yesterday, the new Windows Phone 8 was announced! Find out more about the cool new OS and the new devices supporting it at Today at BUILD conference in Redmond, WA – Microsoft has announced general availability of the Developer SDK for Windows Phone 8! Get the SDK and more info in the dev center: Also watch the Windows Phone Developer blog. Also this is the best time to join the Windows Phone Store for just for $8 for next 8 days ......

I am pleased to announce Tampa Code Camp 2012 is being co-hosted with Bar Camp Tampa Bay this year in Tampa, FL on October 13th 2012 at USF Main Campus beautiful Business buildings.“CodeCamp is a FREE one-day meeting forum that allows software developers to share their knowledge and experience with Microsoft products and services. It’s similar to Tech-Ed, but community-driven by a group of dedicated volunteers and speakers while financially supported through generous sponsors and local businesses.”As ......