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March 2012 Entries

Everyone loves naming conventions and product code names :) I’ve see a few people mislead by blogs and so called “.com press” to the point of confusion about what Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh and Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 actually are in reality. So let’s clarify: Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh – is the name of the refresh update to Windows Phone OS that allows for broad reach to new markets and languages, previously not supported in Windows Phone 7.5 OS. This update also provides support for market specific ......

One of my favorite Code Camps, and not only because it’s only an hour or so away, but because it’s Orlando, Florida! session name: Metro Design Language - WP7 & Windows "8" speaker:Nikita Polyakov level:100 description:Metro Design Language key concepts and ideas around Metro design as it is used in Windows Phone, Windows "8", and even XBOX. We will take a look at different templates available for each platform.ANDname: Intro to Dynamic Prototyping w/ SketchFlow speaker: Nikita Polyakov level: ......