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June 2011 Entries

It’s here – the brand new - Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Beta2. This time it has ability for your to Flash your Developer Unlocked phone to Mango Beta! How awesome is that? Mega-Ultra-Mango-Awesome!! The Windows Phone SDK includes the following Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (Beta2) Windows Phone Emulator (Beta2) Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Assemblies (Beta2) Silverlight 4 SDK and DRT Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0 Microsoft Expression Blend SDK Preview for Windows Phone 7.1 WCF Data Services ......

Windows Phone 7 Sweepstakes end June 30th, 2011 [US based developers only] As the Microsoft fiscal year closes so are the number of contest and promotions. We’re in the final week for this amazing contest: URL: Code: GS2N6 Got 1 app in the Marketplace? Enter for a chance to win a Samsung Focus. Details & rules on the site. Very simple. This specific contest for Samsung Focus has been extended through July 31st 2011. Got 2 apps in the Marketplace? Get a refund on your ......

I had a distinct pleasure of catching up with Russ Fustino of Toolshed fame who is the new amazing community leader for GrapeCity while I was at TechEd11 I was invited by Microsoft to help with Microsoft Expression Blend booth (more on that). Check out the entire blog post and video: GrapeCity Russ Cam Episode #8 (Video) / TechEd Atlanta 2011 – Part 2 (blog) Scott Hanselman, Microsoft Principal Web Community Architect, Mary Jo Foley, author of the “All About Microsoft” Blog on ZD NET , Colin Blakey, ......

Today a new Template for Microsoft Expression Blend SketchFlow was released – Windows Phone 7 SketchFlow. Do you have SketchFlow? [If not download the 60-day trial] the new Template can be downloaded from here: http://wp7sketchflow.codepl... With the new SketchFlow template you can create very interactive prototypes that feel like native Windows Phone 7 experiences. Here is the list of the Mockups for Windows Phone 7 that do more than your typical Textbox-Sketch: A long time SketchFlow and Blend ......