Windows Phone 7 Announcements Recap from MIX11

I am very excited to help share this news with you today! I feel as excited today as I was when Windows Phone 7 developer story was revealed at MIX10 last year. I see so many more application scenarios with the new tools and features in Windows Phone 7.

There has been a few announcements made at MIX11 – let me recap some of what I find important.

There was not a disclosure or showing of any new end-user features. There is a commitment to delivering the next update later this year as a free updates to all existing headsets. This means that until Dec 31st 2011 it’s not fair to ask where your update is ;] but I am sure until then we will get more direct communication to adjust our expectations. The current update snafu will not be repeated.

The announcements and sessions are to help prepare developers for new features in Mango release.

For the Windows Phone application platform the following has been announced, word for word:

· Multitasking: Fast app switching (FAS) and Windows Phone background agents can be used to provide a rich multi-tasking experience to apps. There are various scenarios of using background agents and fast application switching to deliver tailored multitasking experiences that fit your application, as opposed to one size fits all approach. 

Here are just a few new features to help multi-tasking:
·· A Task Switching User Interface
·· Fast Application Switching
·· Background Audio
·· Background Notifications
·· Background Transfers
·· Generic Background Agents

· Search Extras: Ability to provide extras in deep linked manner for results in Bing search from built-in user interface is revolutionary. Think App Results –> Deep link into your app. More details on the details of this later. Can’t wait!

· Multiple Live Tiles per app: Ability for an application to provide an additional Live Tiles that navigate directly to specific feature. More on this soon. This is extremely exciting for multiple scenarios. 

· IE9 for Windows Phone: High performance hardware accelerated browser that supports HTML5. Leading HTML5 Performance just like desktop IE9, in fact same code base prevents segmentation.

· Additional sensor and runtime access: Camera stream access to enable augmented reality scenarios, compass and gyro APIs to enable more advanced detection of motion, and the ability to use socket connections to move beyond HTTP.

· Structured storage: Ability to package and deploy SQL Compact databases onto the Windows Phone platform to be used with LINQ to SQL to access the data. Additionally expanding the use of contact and appointment APIs to access the user’s address book and calendar on the device (provided the user consents to providing access to the app).

· XNA/Silverlight integration: The walls separating SL and XNA are coming down making it easier for developers to build 3D-modeled applications that can overlay Silverlight forms and strings – allowing developers to build next-generation mobile apps that combine the best of our two developer frameworks. This will results in exceptional experiences and targeted developer productivity focused on right technology for the right task.

· Tooling investments: Additional capabilities around the Profiling tooling (as initially demoed at PDC10 by Scott Guthrie are re-demoed at MIX11 with even more features including per-frame profiling), enhanced Windows Phone Emulator that allow developers to manipulate sensor data (i.e., GPS, accelerometer) into the emulator. This is world class feature set that is unprecedented.

· Broader Reach: More countries can now buy and more countries can now sell applications for Windows Phone 7.

All of the mentioned features will be made available in May tools release to get developers ready for Mango release later this year. I hope you are already booking time to check these out and play with them. I know I am!

The official Blog post on Windows Phone 7 Developer Blog can be found here:

I will be blogging a detailed list of the MIX Sessions to watch after they are available on the above topics.

One last thing – the new end-user features have not even been announced, so there will be even more features to come in Mango release.


Don’t forget about these contests:


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- WP7 Challenge from the Microsoft Partner program, info is here.


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