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March 2011 Entries

Are you looking for Unlocked Windows Phone 7? Are you being nagged by someone who is looking for one? Wondering where your update to Windows Phone 7 is finally coming? You are in luck, read on! As many of you are aware there is been a slight delay in the first minor update to Windows Phone 7… So I am going to use some strong language here, because it needs to be said. Why? Because we all want more customers acquiring more Windows Phone 7 devices and downloading many and many applications. Everyone ......

I’ll be speaking at a few upcoming events: Saturday March 19th 2011 IT Camp Saturday Tampa This is a first of it’s kind – IT Pro camp, a more topic open then many traditional Code Camp and no so much code focused. Here is just a small sample: Adnan Cartwright Administrating your Network with Group Policy Nikita Polyakov Intro to Phone 7 Development Landon Bass Enterprise Considerations for SharePoint 2010 Michael Wells Intro to SQL Server for IT Professionals Keith ......

Here are the latest update from the Windows Phone 7 Developer Worlds that went live this month. Here are some of the latest numbers: Windows Phone Marketplace currently offers more than 9,000 quality apps and games and enjoys a base of over 32,000 registered developers, delivering an average of 100 new apps every day. There have been over 1 million downloads of the developers tools for Windows Phone 7. Trial version help you sell more Trials result in higher sales by the numbers: Users like trials ......